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Voxell at the Cement Tennis Cup 2023

We joined in the action with our new business partner in Slovakia, LADCE Betón, s.r.o., to take part in their annual sports and social gathering. As part of our participation, we also presented our newest products. Among the displayed 3DCP designs, we introduced our two new additions: the Jack and Oliver tables.

The combination of grey 3D concrete and thermally modified pine was well received. Due to the thermally treated wood, it requires minimal maintenance. During the event the weather was a bit changeable, with a few rain showers, but the tournament went on. The winner received their prize, and it didn't dampen the good mood.

After each downpour, the advantage of 3D concrete objects was confirmed—they quickly dried when heated by the sun. Participants of the event repeatedly used them after the rain, as shown in the photos. This pleasant feature is, of course, contributed to not only by the sun but also by our hydrophobic water-repellent coating.

"Thanks to a surface treatment, the 3D concrete, warmed by the sun, dries quickly and can be used again shortly after a downpour."

People actively showed an interest in our 3D concrete printing (3DCP) technology, and we answered numerous curious and unexpected questions. Many of them were of a professional nature, as the name of the gathering suggests - those attending were connected to the cement industry and, therefore, familiar with concrete. Overall, the presentation was successful, and we are already looking forward to the next one.

"When individuals have an affinity for concrete and a good understanding of it, it becomes easier to persuade them about the advantages of 3D printed concrete (3DCP)."

Here are a few photo highlights from the event

Comfortable seating on the stands ....

The atmosphere was excellent...

Not even the rain caught us by surprise; all it took was to clean up the used dishes and wait for the sun....

Our newest design, the Oliver table, is once again in action...

A step back in time, we're loading up for the event...

And more...

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