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3D concrete printing

Robotic printing and custom-designed concrete elements, all in 3D

Right now...


Inclined 3D concrete printing (3DCP) in production!


New designs! Picnic tables, Jack and Oliver.

We have already printed 80 tons of concrete!

Why Voxell?

Our passion fuels us to create truly extraordinary 3D objects using cutting-edge robotic 3D printing technology. We explore the realms of concrete, plastic, and wood....


What makes Voxell unique?

We enjoy creating new things

We were tired of doing the same old things with established procedures. We are constantly seeking new manufacturing recipes and products that haven't been seen before.

We are open to your ideas

You, our customers, are our inspiration. We will collaborate with you to bring our shared ideas to life.

We strive to be the best

We strive to master our technologies with the utmost professionalism. In the field of 3D concrete printing, we already belong to the best, and we continue to work on improving ourselves.

We are open to suggestions

What we have explored and learned, we are happy to pass on to you through our 3D Academy.

Who can you meet at Voxell?

From my recent experiences, I've learned that life's only certainty is perpetual change. It is this realisation that has engulfed me in the mesmerising realm of 3D concrete craft. Here, we navigate countless variables, shaping a world of boundless possibilities.

Tomáš Cenek


The world craves improvement, so when I have the opportunity to enhance it with a beautiful design element through 3D printing, I don't hesitate. 

Tomáš Velecký

3D print technician, climber

For me, it's crucial to maintain tranquility, nurturing a serene demeanor. Keeping a cool head, especially in the intricacies of concrete printing, ensures precision and unlocks the true magic of transforming materials into awe-inspiring creations.

Šárka Mádlová

3D print technician, biker


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