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Park benches for the Prague Exhibition Grounds

Our largest 3D printed concrete project to date is almost complete. We have been working tirelessly on these decorative concrete elements since the autumn of 2022.

The project is to produce the bases for public benches to be used at the Prague Exhibition Grounds. The 3D printing of concrete is being carried out in cooperation with Scoolpt, a company based in České Budějovice, who commissioned the project from us and also designed these unique benches.

"It's quite challenging as the objects are large, there are several different types, and there's a fair number of them to print."

Some of the print pieces measure up to 2.6 meters in height. Handling them can be quite a challenge, but we're highly skilled at what we do. In the development process, we had to adjust the printing parameters to ensure that such large objects could be printed "in one go". It wasn't easy, but we managed it.

In total, we're producing over 160 pieces. Together with Michal Trpák from Scoolpt, we're very optimistic and think that the outcome will be a success. We're already looking forward to future projects together.

"Snapshots" from the shop floor

We have attached a few "snapshots" from our production centre to give you an idea of what robotic 3D printing is all about at Voxell.

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