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Inclined 3D concrete printing (3DCP) in production!

Our new skill, non-planar 3D concrete printing (3DCP), is here. Team Voxell has mastered it! We modified our slicing software so that the height of each printed layer can change continuously during printing.

The printing head is tilted by the robot to always be perpendicular to the printed layer. As a result of our efforts, the bottom and top edges of the print don't have to be parallel and can even be wavy. This opens up another dimension for our objects and your creativity.

"Inclined printing opens up another dimension in 3DCP. It gives us more freedom in the geometry of the objects we produce."

A few photos of the final object.

Still warm, right after printing.

Detail views.

In this prototype design, there will be a total of 18 segments, forming a circular dish. The first two fit together beautifully.

And from the back as well.

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