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Highlights from the Architecture Festival 2023

We've just wrapped up our participation in the Architecture Festival as part of the Building Fair Brno 2023. It's been incredibly rewarding to see that our 3D printing sector in construction was a real standout at the fair.

Together with the other participants in the construction industry, we can confidently say that our experience was a positive one. Each year brings us fresh opportunities to showcase this innovative technology to industry experts and builders alike. And that's exactly what we're passionate about.

"To showcase the advantages and benefits, as well as potential limitations, of 3D concrete printing and explore new opportunities for its application in the construction industry..."

Once again, we were reminded of the power of "seeing is believing" – the ability to physically interact with the products of concrete 3D printing (3DCP) is truly priceless and incomparable. When people are unfamiliar with this innovative manufacturing technology, they don't even think to search for it online. Alternatively, and unfortunately, they may fall into the trap of exaggerated expectations and misconceptions about its capabilities. We received an abundance of curious questions from both experts and the public, and we patiently answered and provided explanations.

It was a fulfilling experience, just as we envisioned it to be. Visitors also shared intriguing suggestions on potential applications of 3DCP. How exciting! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the visitors who came to our Voxell exhibition.

"As innovators in the field of 3DCP, part of our goal is to engage in educational outreach activities."

Here are a few photo highlights from the festival.

It is important to see our products in person, to understand the form and texture best.

Even the next generation was captivated by the 3D printed concrete objects.

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