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Finished! We’ve printed a sculpture, ‘Tvar’ (Visage)

"We have just finished printing an object for Michal Trpák from Scoolpt. It was like going right back to the basics and re-thinking our concrete printing techniques." But we really did well, the results speak for themselves!"

"This has been a valuable new experience for us. We had never manufactured anything as diverse in shape before."

“It's large and complex, but at the same time, it's beautiful and mysterious!”

On the need for fresh thinking

When we looked at the digital model that Michal sent us, we realised that we needed to create a new approach for our robotic 3D printing technique. Our current methods wouldn't give us the result.

In the end, a little inspiration from the internet and some modifications to our company's slicer in Grasshopper helped the printing trajectory "wrap" around the entire surface of the object correctly.

After solving several issues with the supporting the extrusion in really "large" overhangs, the right building material was chosen, and we were ready to press the switch.

On the second try, we succeeded. Our three-person team proved to be more than capable and well-coordinated. At Voxell we’re constantly learning and there is always room for suggestion and improvement. In a new project like this, teamwork and cooperation are important, and our three-person team is a solid unit.

A few snapshots of the process

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