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Layers and patterns

We can generate patterns for you.

They don’t have to cover the whole surface of an object.

It can transform the layers to make it more appealing.

Patterns are designs that can be added to the surface of an object to either distract from the printing layers or enhance their aesthetics. We can make use of them since our 3D concrete printing technique uses higher layer heights, typically 10 or 12 mm.

The pattern can be made up of repeating elements or a single pattern or a logo. The size of the pattern is determined by the layer height and the density of its repetition. The pattern doesn't need to cover the entire surface of the object, we can partially apply it to a selected area.

We can render the pattern according to your preferences and our technical possibilities on the digital surface model provided by you. Below we show a few typical examples.

"Running" pattern

"Basket" pattern

"Mathematical function" pattern

"Partial" pattern

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